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Jeff Thielen


Mr. Thielen has broad experience, having worked at many different types of companies as well as for the military, and in numerous industries including engineering services, aerospace, defense, medical, real estate, environmental, software, information technology, and the Internet.

He has 30 years experience advising and consulting, managing programs and projects, developing new business, and starting companies.

He has the versatility to lead with a vision and strategize the big picture, while at the same time managing important details and digging deep to solve problems. His creative orientation is strong, but tethered to discipline such as process and organization. He looks for challenges and is passionate and persistent in working towards innovative solutions.

Mr. Thielen has a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and a MBA in Venture Management from the University of St. Thomas. He’s also a licensed professional engineer (P.E.) in the State of Minnesota.

See his LinkedIn profile for additional experience and qualifications.


Our network is broad. If needed, we can get you to trusted, expert professionals in many areas:

  • general legal
  • patents legal
  • trademarks legal
  • general accounting
  • tax accounting
  • government accounting
  • government grant programs
  • university research

  • angel and venture fundraising
  • company valuations
  • marketing and sales
  • creative services including branding, graphics, website, video, and photography
  • voiceover and talking head


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